Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tom Goes 18 for 18

P-Town Tom of Til Next Year sent me some Darryl Strawberry cards out of the kindness of his big heart to say thanks for the Topps Series 2 break. This was above and beyond, which is what I've come to expect from Tom.

So he sent me 18 cards for old number 18 of the New York Mets: Darryl Strawberry. Several of these were very very very welcome additions to my collection that I didn't have already. Several provided me with a second copy of a card, which is sweet. And a few were triplicates, but having back-ups for back-ups isn't a bad thing at all.

First Up is the 1986 Donruss Highlights card. The Donruss Highlights were a neat thing and I generally liked them then, and now.

We used to love Kay Bee Toys and once we were kind of outgrown from playing with toys, we had the baseball cards so it was win win. This is the 1986 iteration.

This 1986 Sportflics The Rookies card is most excellent. Straw's ghostly image is just visible in the bottom portion.

The 1987 Donruss Highlights are wonderful; and I like the card design, too. Their opening day set, made memorable for me by the use of maroon, is perfect. Strawberry got two Highlights cards that year.

Fleer really inundated the market with small sets in the late 1980s. This is the 1987 Baseballs Best Sluggers vs. Pitchers set.

And then there was the 1987 League Leaders set.

Fleer's 1989 All Star Team cards were neat. I like this card.

Another Kay Bee card, actually, two of them. From their 1989 set.

Ok, so this is a 1989 Topps Doubleheader card and it really blew my mind. It's really small and features the 1989 base image on the front and the 1983 Topps Traded card on the back. Super duper cool. 

The 1991 Fleer Pro-Visions set is nifty and I really like this card. I had wanted it ever since I got back into collecting but never pulled the trigger on buying one. But them, BAM, I got one from Tom in February, and then a second one from Tom in July. Sweetness.

Now we're into the later years, the twilight if you will... The Dodgers years. This 1991 Topps Stadium Club card also features the 1983 Topps Traded card, so it's automatically a winner.

1992 saw Strawberry as a Team Leader in this Fleer set though in actuality, he played in only 43 games that year due to injuries. Swatted only five home runs, too.

The 1992 Stadium Club card, though, with the year before's stats, shows that the 1991 was mostly good. 139 games, 28 home runs, 99 RBI's and finished 9th in the MVP race. This was by far Strawberry's last really good year. And there's the 1983 Topps Traded card again.

The 1993 Leaf card back here show's how tall Strawberry is, measuring up against the LA skyline.

Lastly, this 2008 "Ring of Honor" card recalls the 1986 World Series Championship Strawberry helped to win for the Mets in their one-year dynasty. His World Series stats were not all that remarkable, but his game seven home run was definitely a difference maker as it helped to pad the lead.

I recently watched a highlights video of Strawberry's career and man, did he dog some home run trots in a way that would make David Ortiz look like Ben Johnson. Taking Pedro for a Grand Slam, too, was pretty amazing to see. Strawberry didn't have a long tenure with the Giants but that was an impressive hit, and it's crazy to see such a young, skinny Barry Bonds.

Tom, you spoil me rotten. Thank you so much!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

1986 All-Star Program Insert "Cards"

With the All-Star game on tonight, I thought I should post this post which features the 1986 All-Star Game program insert "cards". I bought it, obvs, for the Darryl Strawberry "card" but I got so so so much more. There are more than 200 players featured from each as it shows the image of everyone on the ballet. The "cards" themselves are quite small and many of them are back-to-back, so on the back of Darryl Strawberry is the Montreal Expos catcher Mike Fitzgerald.

The game was hosted by the Houston Astros and featured a Home Run Derby in which Darryl Strawberry co-won with Wally Joyner of the then California Angels of the Pacific Time Zone. The two sluggers belted out a whopping four home runs each.

The set was wholly missing from the Trading Card Database, so I added a checklist, scanned everything, cropped a gazillions images and then uploaded the front's only. The program is still intact, but I'm thinking of trimming all the "cards" down. What do you think? Would it matter to you whether the back was part of an article or advert or another player? Is such a think looked down upon? I ask as in the book and archive world, which is the other realm I inhabit, old books are often "bowlderized" for their plates of images (engravings and the like) and maps which are then sold individually on the open market, often times for a lot of money. 

Here are the player pages: American League Nominees

The National League:

Let's go National League!!

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trading K's

I recently sent to Jim (of Cards As I See Them, GCRL, and a bajillion others) a 2017 Topps Archive Sandy Koufax and in return, to my surprise, I got a 1995 Topps John Kruk. Nothing like Trading K's...

Just check out that flowing mullet.

On the card back...this is what Kruky looked like if you see him through a window screen.

Thanks for the great card, Jim!

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P.S. I don't know about you, but now that at the All-Star Break, I'm really looking forward to not hearing that over-played "Welcome to My House" song during all the commercial breaks on MLB TV.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Next of Kin

So I thought I was being clever by the title of this post but I'm thinking it must have been done before? In baseball cards, we are kindred spirits, and it was very kind of Kin to send me some more stuff.

Kin, of Beans Ball Card Blog and so much more, sent me another package of baseball goodness a few weeks back and I've been delayed in getting trade posts up. Please accept my apologies. The package contained five baseball cards of Darryl Strawberry and John Kruk, and a coin of Mr Strawberry that is spectacular.

The John Kruk's:

1987 Topps:

1988 Classic Blue:

This Classic card is great. I cropped the scan a bit weird, but in actuality it's flawless, as in, without kinks. I love the Ace bandage (or is it tape?) on his left wrist. So 1980s. Classic shit-eating grin, too. I wonder if the tape helped Kruk with is kinesthetics.

And the Darryl Strawberry's:

1987 Topps:

Love me some wood-grained borders. Mmmmmm. Strawberry's poised here to knock the pitched ball out of the park using kinesis.

1987 Topps All-Star:

 1989 Topps All-Star:

1990 Bandai Coin:

This Bandai coin isn't in the Trading Card Database that I can find; maybe that's because it's a coin? But other "coins" are listed, so I'm not even exactly sure what this is or how many other players are featured in the "set". But holy moly is it a terrifically awesome thing. Certainly a kingly addition to my collection!

Thanks, Kin!

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