Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Guess What? More Darryl Strawberry cards! #Shocker

Seller "leonardb" has a great card collection and I'm making a habit, it seems, of buying them from him via Sportlots. I have to give a shout out again to P-Town Tom for introducing me to that website; and then curse him too at the same time for making me spend my money.

In that order I bought four cards and/or stickers. The first two being stickers from 1987.

1987 Topps Stickers #103

No! I did not buy this for Johnny Grubb. That looks, too, like Keith Hernandez's mustache, too, in the photo with Grubb right? So this must be from Spring Training.

Next up this gem: 1987 Topps Stickers #159

That was one fierce batting stance. I was a righty, but in our driveway I would stand like this, all 4'8" of me (didn't break five feet until 10th grade in 1989), and launch some of my brothers offerings across the street.

And then there is the 1999 Finest Base Set #38. Are we supposed to remove that covering? I am figuring NOT since I bought it 18 years later and it's still on it...

This was my favorite card in the group: 1999 Upper Deck Base Set #159. I love the shot, it's so casual yet such a great part of the game of baseball. You have to think that about five years before this autographs might have been very hard to come by as Strawberry was in the midst of his struggles with drug abuse. And that same Strawberry might have had a hard time imaging he'd still be playing in 1998 or 1999. A classic card that looks great here and could certainly be a Stadium Club card now.

Looking at the back of the card... I effing love the MLB logo. If I were ever going to get a tattoo, it might very well be that (for a while I thought about getting the London Underground map on my back.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

A Darryl Strawberry card

Well, I'm out of the country but that doesn't mean I can't be thinking about baseball and baseball cards...

Another Sportlot purchase! This one from cochise9!!  Here we have Darryl Strawberry's 1999 Pacific Paramount base card. The last post showed his Gold card and this looks much the same but the scripty font here is not gold... Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out!

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Monday, November 6, 2017

1999 Darryl Strawberry Pacific Paramount Gold

Another recent Darryl Strawberry card purchased from Sportlots. This is the 1999 Pacific Paramount Gold that I grabbed from the seller: iguana02.

It's a nice card and the write up on the back is kind of nice to illustrate Straw's significant contributions to the Yankees in their World Series winning 1998 season. And I guess it doesn't get any better than a Gold parallel (has there ever been a Lead parallel)?

I'd write more but the beer, and then the wine, are making me sleepy. Plus I have to pack for a five day visit to Belfast.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Darryl Strawberry's Opening Day

Another Sportlots order, this one the 1999 Topps Opening Day card of Darryl Strawberry purchased from bkcardsx.

I will not pretend to understand the purpose of Opening Day. I never knew about it until I picked up the hobby again about two years ago and it seems to me that now it's released, what, before the actual opening day?

Now, no one asked for or probably cares about my opinions. But, here it is anyway. It seems to me it should commemorate all the players who played on Opening Day with photographs of them from that day. Kind of like what ToppsNow is doing. And that therefore it should be released after Opening Day, and the card back could or should have a summary of what that player did on Opening Day, and perhaps on previous Opening Day's. Topps could then offer three tiers of cards for collectors: buy just a player, a la carte; buy the team set, or buy the complete set. But only players with an official at-bat or appearance. Guys that dressed but didn't play get left out in the cold.

Congrats to the Houston Astros on winning the 2017 World Series. I already miss daily baseball.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

A New Trade

Nick V got me in touch with Matthew Prigge, the owner of the "Summer of '74" blog. And I couldn't be more grateful for there are now three new baseball cards -- well, er, um, stickers -- in my collection for both Darryl Strawberry and John Kruk.

Matthew tweeted that he had a set, minus the Dodgers, of the 1990 International Publications sticks and Nick alerted me about it and the Straw's and Kruk's. And then before I knew it, the stickers were in my mailbox. I'm not sure it's ever been such an easy transaction. I don't like debt, so will seek to see what I can find to reciprocate for Matthew's kindness.

But, enough of the text! Here are the stickers.

I scanned these at 600dpi as they were so small; wanted them to be somewhat usable in this jpg format. That face on Strawberry in the bottom/third sticket is quite a classic.

Matthew: these are awesome additions to my collections. Thank you so much.  I look forward to paying you back via trade for your awesome trade.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

A Drinking Trade

Matt from Bob Walk the Plank and I have trade beer a couple of times now with me sending him selections from my local, regional brewer Trillium and he sending me things it would be hard to get in Massachusetts. The 12 most recent that Matt sent me have been surprising good to me. I'm a fairly die-hard IPA drinker who has over the years lost much of my former love for stouts, porters, lagers, and the like. (Pilsner's can kiss my tuchus; have never liked them.)

Anyway, I should have saved the photos I took of all 12 of the beers Matt sent. I frankly don't know what happen to the photos I did take. But anyway, Matt sent me six stout/porters, three Oktoberfest's and 3 in the IPA family.

The five I drank without photos of are: Mokah (Southern Tier); Wake Up Dead Nitro (Left Hand); Porter (Big Timber); Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout (Terrapin Beer); and Sumatra Mountain Brown (Founders).

The seven remaining are pictured below:

For those textually inclined, these are:

Blackout Stout (Great Lakes); Oktoberfest (Port City); Oktoberfest (Foothills); Oktoberfest (Great Lakes); Coastal Evacuation Double IPA (Cape May); Mothman Black IPA (Greenbrier Valley); and Beach Session Ale with Orange Zest (Carton Brewing).

I don't have the best vocabulary for the one's that I've been drinking, or even the palate to define or distinguish what it is I am tasting -- concentrating first on the stouts and porters. But I'm bothered that "craft" brewers feel compelled to make them all with coffee and even chocolate. I like coffee. I like chocolate. I like beer. But not together. Combining the three masks, I feel, probably inherent deficiencies with the product and it has had the effect, to me, that each of them is exactly indistinguishable from the next. In other words, they all taste the same. Though, blissfully, some of them make me more buzzed than the next, for which I am grateful as I love that feeding of floating a few inches above the ground. The un-differentiation therefore makes them very low on the likelihood I'd ever seek them out on my own. This criticism aside, I'm grateful for having the opportunity to have sampled them and I hope get more in the future. My epitome's in porter's and stout's are London Fuller Porter and Guinness. Those are the one's that I base others against. It's unfair, but such is the way it is. But, that being said, only I drink those only in, say, London or Dublin, respectively. If you ever get the chance to visit either brewery, like me, you'll be ruined from experiencing them in other venues.

Thanks Matt! Trillium is on the way to you now.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Darryl Strawberry in 3-D

Another Sportlots acquisition. This time a single "card" from whoops 24. 

This it the 1986 Topps 3-D card of Darryl Strawberry. A very good, cool card, though the faces on the ones I've seen are kind of meh, with regards to how they look. Legs, arms and bodies all 'translated' a bit better.

I remember having some of these as a kid as this was the height of my collecting as a pre-teen and early teenager.

Now, for the back. Kind of cool. I would have loved something on the back to make it interesting; but then having the tabs for stickers might have been weird. How did you handle the 3-D 'cards' when you had them? I guess the intention, with the stickers, was to tape them to a wall or inside of a locker or something?

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