Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Darryl Breaks

In his 1998 Ultra, Card #394, Darryl Strawberry puts on the breaks.

This is yet another Sportlots purchase, this time from the one and the only jvickers, who I'm going to hit again sometime in the future.

I like this shot for some reason. You see it all the time in baseball. Was the third base coach stopping him? Was it a line drive that was caught? Something else? Who knows?

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


I goofed. I bought a dupe of this 1998 Bowman Chrome International card from Cubs1945 on Sportlots, mis-remembering a comment made on a previous blog post about Bowman Chrome International... The man behind the Chronicles of Fuji mentioned in a comment to a previous blog post that I needed the Chrome Refractor version but when I was on Sportlots I bought the base version by accident. D'oh! I'm a dummy. 

Hey: The Lost Collector: You want this one, too, with my other Strawberry-in-Pinstripes dupes?  

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Monday, January 8, 2018

He wasn't a rookie! Was he a star, though?

This is my 200th Blog Post. So, sorry for boring you all 200 times...

By inclusion Darryl Strawberry was deemed by Leaf in 1998 to be a "Rookies & Stars". This was a 339 card set that accompanied it's regular set of 200 cards.

This card is another Sportlots purchase, this time from dtrini12. Another happy transaction and another card to go in the box. I'm not really sure, if I'm being honest, that Strawberry was still a star in 1998. He certainly wasn't a rookie!

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

All the way from... Canada!

Mike from Not Another Baseball Card Blog sent me three cards recently and they were the inaugural baseball cards I scanned on my new Epson V39, a Christmas present. I scanned them two different ways, testing out the quality and other settings so if you click them the fronts should appear a lot bigger and clearer than the scan of the backs.

In this batch, we have the 1985 Darryl Strawberry Topps card for being the #1 Draft pick in 1980. The other two are from Fleer's 1990 set.

Thanks so much, Mike!

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Secret Santa, Part 2

So after Wes fessed up that he was my Secret Santa in Matt of Bob Walk the Plank's Secret Santa thingy, he told me that something else was coming my way that was sent to him as opposed to me. My mind was wondering. As luck would have it, the package was set to be delivered the day I left for a week's vacation. So my mind wondered even more.

When the packet arrived I knew it was baseball cards but I didn't fathom that it held so many. 101 to be exact (I couldn't five times to make sure that I got it right -- yes, I still count on fingers and toes).

101 of John Kruk's 1988 Donruss card. I scattered a bunch on my new home scanner, an Epson V39. This was the first baseball card scan I made. The one of my tushy came out great... anyone want to see that?

If you're interested in seeing part 1 of Wes's gift, click here!

Thanks Wes!

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Darryl Strawberry's Ultra Gold Medallion

Hey there everybody! It's early in the morning here and I'm up with a fresh cold...I should be sleeping but I was sniffling so much I was annoying myself and feared annoying my wife to the point where I'd be bludgeoned. How have your holiday's been? I hope restful, with lots of cookies (the edible kind, NOT the internet kind).

It occurred to me that I hadn't blogged for a while which was really selfish since I know how each of my two average daily visitors keeps clicking "refresh" on the blog every few seconds. So, without further ado...

Continuing with my ages old Sportlots purchases of Darryl Strawberry card, we come now to his 1997 Ultra Gold Medallion Edition, Card #G106, acquired from tperkins in trade. In exchange for the card, I traded him cash. Perfect transaction.

The in-the-swing photograph is one of my favorite action shots in all of sports. I try myself to capture the bat swinging whenever I am at a game no matter how far away my seat is. In fact, just this year I almost got it at the game I skived off work to attend when the Pirates and Red Sox made up a rain out on 13 April.

Here McCutchen is just after he hit the ball that ended up being home run into the seats above the Green Monster. This was his first of the year and scored Jordy Mercer. Video here.

The ball may be visible above the Gulf sign??? Maybe?

Here is McCutchen NOT swinging at a very visible, hittable ball later in the game with Marte at first before he was suspended for PEDs.

I wish Cutch has swung because the Sox pitcher, Eduardo Rodriguez sucks. I was at a game at Fenway on 25 June 2015 against the Orioles and he blew chunks, at one point giving up about seven consecutive hits.

A lot is going on in this blog post. Appreciate you sticking it out!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Favorite 2017 Baseball Card

I'm entering P-Town Tom's Favorite Card of the Year contest for the second year in a row. Last year my entry was obnoxious and that I wasn't banished shows how good a guy Tom is.

According to my Trading Card Database account, I have a whopping 3 baseball cards printed in 2017 in my collection. And one of them is a dupe. So I really have only two distinct players represented. They are: Darryl Strawberry and Michael A. Taylor (though, sadly, he's in there under Michael A. Taylor and Michael Taylor, which features several different players with that name -- hello disambiguation!)


2017 Chrome's 1992 Bowman Chrome Darryl Strawberry. One was sent to me by P-Town Tom himself, but I'm not sure if selecting this increases my changes of winning or losing. The second card came from Kerry of Cards on Cards.

The other card is a Topps NOW card of the Washington National's Michael A. Taylor's fluky-weird inside the park grand slam (card #573). I bought five of them and gave them to my two nephews, sister, and father.

But I bought other cards printed this year, like some Aaron Judge Topps Now cards for my father. But I cannot select these because I do not own them.

And I do not choose the Darryl Strawberry card because, well, he's in a Dodgers uniform and that's weird. And it makes me frustrated that it doesn't scan truthfully.

So, my card of the year goes to Michael A Taylor for making that an inside-the-park grand slam home run (well, the Phillies centerfielder kind of lolly-gagged after it, which helped). And also for really showing up in the post-season with two very memorable games. But this card because I was watching it on television and my sister, brother-in-law, and nephews were at the game and we were texting up a storm and it's a really happy memory. And also Michael A is my sister's favorite player and he signed her jersey at Spring Training this year and at the same game threw my nephew a last-out-of-the-inning baseball (which he bobbled and dropped and I caught).

Thank you for running the contest, Tom! Thank's Michael A.!

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